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Kao Builds


Kao Corporation established a new production company, Kao (Shanghai) Chemical Industries Co., Ltd., in the Jinshan district of Shanghai. The new company and its facilities will reinforce Kao's production system for industrial-use chemical products in China.

The production company's new plant is scheduled to start operations in 2014, and the investment is estimated at approximately five billion yen.

To maintain growth on a global basis, Kao has set the Chinese market as its most important priority. Accordingly, in its chemical business, Kao will strengthen production systems in China for products used in fields that are experiencing surging demand, such as steel and steel sheet, civil engineering and construction, and agents for molding. Specifically, the new plant will produce surfactants used as raw materials for various industrial-use cleaners and toiletries, and materials used for molding.

In line with Kao Group's mission to save energy and mitigate its environmental impact, endeavors to reduce CO2 emissions will be promoted at the new plant. Through provision of products that can contribute to CO2emission reductions in the industrial sector and by recycling resources, Kao strives to contribute to reducing its burden on the environment.