Welcome to Beauco Solution Co.,Limited, We have provided professional cosmetic raw materials and beauty machine for over 10 years. We have built a reputation for innovative technology in skincare raw materials and salon spa machine along with high quality customer service.

We look forward to strengthen our service and project list to keep up with the changing trends of the world. We highly value. our clients’ opinions and will strive to satisfy your needs.







Diode Laser Hair Removal System(BS-D5000)
Diode Laser Hair Removal System (BS-D80)
Diode Laser Hair Removal System (BS-DF)
Diode Laser Hair Removal System(BS-D4000B)
Diode Laser Hair Removal System(BS-D4000A)
Diode Laser Hair Removal System (BS-D3000)
Cavitation Fat Burning System (BS-C1900B)
Cryolipolysis Slimming System(BS-A1700/A2500)
Skin Analyzer System (BS-S1000)
LED/PDT Skin Care System(BS-L700)
Laser Tattoo Removal Machine (XD-HD)
Laser Tattoo Removal Machine (XD-HC)
Electroporation Mesotherapy Device(BS-M800)
Meso therapy System(BS-M700)
Meso therapy System(BS-M600)
Meso therapy System(BS-M500)
Micro-Crystal Dermabrasion
3 in 1 Microdermabrasion Instrument
4 in 1 Dermabrasion Machine
Skin Analyzer System (BS-S900)
Skin Analyzer System(BS-S800)
RF Fractional CO2 Laser(BS-F600)
Fractional CO2 Laser(BS-F400)
Coolite Portable Diode Laser(BS-DC)
RF Fractional CO2 Laser(BS-F500)
Cool Light Teeth Whitening System(BS-T700)
Cool Light Teeth Whitening System(BS-T600)
Cool Light Teeth Whitening System (BS-T500)
Thermacool Facelift/RF-cool System(BS-R900)
RF Skin Care System (BS-R800)
RF system (BS-R700)
RF Skin Care System (BS-R600)
Oxygen Infusion System (BS-X700)
Oxygen Infusion System (BS-X500)
Oxygen Skin Lifting System(BS-X400)
Skin Analyzer System(BS-S700)
Skin Analyzer System(BS-S600)
Skin Analyzer System(BS-S500B)
Skin Analyzer System(BS-S500)
LED/PDT Skin Care System(BS-L600)
LED/PDT Skin Care System(BS-L500)
Ultrasound Vacuum Cavitation System(BS-C800)
Multifunction Fat Burning Machine(BS-C600)
Pressotherapy Vacuum System (BS-P200)
Far infrared body wrap(BS-C500)
Lymph drainage infrared slimming (BS-C700)
Cavitation (BS-C500)
Laser Tattoo removal System (BS-HA)
IPL Hair Removal System (BS-I1000)
IPL Hair Removal System (BS-I900)
IPL Hair Removal System (BS-I800)
IPL Hair Removal System (BS-I300)
IPL Hair Removal System (BS-I400)
IPL Hair Removal System (BS-I500)
IPL Hair Removal System (BS-I700)
Anti-freeze Cryolipolysis machine(BS-A700)
Oxygen infusion(BS-X600)
Cryoliplysis&Lipo Laser&Cavitation(BS-MT500)
RF Fractional CO2 Laser System(BS-F90)
Diode Laser Hair Removal System (BS-DA)
Laser Tattoo Removal System(BS-HB)
Anti-freeze Cryolipolysis machine(BS-A500)
Anti-freeze Cryolipolysis machine(BS-A400)
Anti-freeze Cryolipolysis machine(BS-A600)
Diode Laser Hair Removal System(BS-DB)